Roundup of Unusual Size: Mein Quietscheentchen

All right. I’m in love with Pandora Boxx. Yes, I am way late to discovering RuPaul’s Drag Race but oh my god, I love her so much.


My favorite for the day: David Gaider speaks up about Dragon Age II at Gamasutra.

Kotaku ain’t doin’ too badly today, thanks to a little help from some friends. Kirk Hamilton argues that Blonde Shepard isn’t a bad thing. And Ian Bogost argues that debates on games aren’t really about games.

Katie Williams writes about her gamer adolescence in Malaysia.

And now for my picks from RPS’s Sunday Papers and Critical Distance’s TWIVGB:

Alex Peake writes about Moore’s law, the Singularity, and games. Greg Smith tackles fictional spatial archaeology. And Knutaf of Destructoid blogs about Limbo and The Road.

And if I may promote something from my own home turf, today’s Moving Pixels podcast is my second time in the moderator chair as we sit down with the fair folk of Fat, Ugly, or Slutty?.


Your synthetic spine is on the way.

Should we create beings of humanlike intelligence? Futurismic adds a counterpoint.


Flipping a coin for it? Better not.

The buried story of the married lesbian couple who saved 40 people on the day of the Norway shooting is amazing.

Alrighty, let’s talk transmedia storytelling with Henry Jenkins. At ComicCon!

Moment of Zen

The go-to analogy for the debt ceiling crisis: Lord of the Rings.

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