Roundup of Unusual Size: Whatever, Ronia Shepard kicks ALL their asses.


Great review of Bastion by compadre Zach Alexander.

And my arch nemesis fellow Twitterer Dennis Scimeca has a long and thoughtful post on how the Mass Effect 3 FemShep poll is degrading. I take slight exception in that I participated in said poll to emphasize a nonwhite alternative, not to maintain a beauty standard, but the fact that the leading candidate is a blonde, blue-eyed bombshell both saddens me and rather reinforces Scimeca’s point.

Moment of Awwwwww

Superheroes save lost child at Comic Con.

Moment of Zen

Meowtron, Defender of the Universe!

That’s it for this week! Everyone be sure to tune in to Critical Distance tomorrow for the week in review, and I’ll rejoin you all Monday night!

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