Roundup of Unusual Size: Sex, death, and reading–all our favorites!

How have I not seen this Ghibli film before now? It might be my new favorite.


Patrick Dugan explores how Metal Gear Solid 2 predicted Facebook. Leigh Alexander writes that overtly sexual games serve an important role. And writing for Kill Screen, JP Grant investigates death in Karoshi.

Well, that’s one way to apply to a game company.

And my colleague at PopMatters, Nick Dinicola blogs about the love letter Mass Effect 2 writes to Shepard’s squadmates.


Take it with a grain of salt, but io9 thinks The Smurfs is good for one reason, at least: it’s a gay-friendly kids film.


A long academic article for you, but interesting stuff. Book fetishization, especially “book smell”, is actually a 20th century construction. So get over it and stop wasting trees, bibliophiles!


This woman is basically more hardcore than you.

Moment of Awwww

Sheep pigs!

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