Roundup of Unusual Size: Ben, are you a Doctor yet?

(fanart found on ch4rmsing @ tumblr)


LAN party/tournament decides to be a sausage-only party. Guys can’t understand why this hasn’t gone down well.

I’m digging into Ben Abraham’s bag of jelly babies now, selecting my favorites from his latest Critical Distance TWIVGB. There is far more over yon so I heavily encourage to swing by when you’re done here.

First up, Jonathan McCalmont says we need more art house games and his definition is a rather precise one.

Next, game crit legend and my former blog mate at Moving Pixels, L.B. Jeffries, writes about the systems of Chrono Trigger

Kenny Young talks about voice in Portal 2.

Finally for tonight’s videogames section, Quinnae at The Border House profiles Dragon Age‘s Queen Anora, a bit of an ensemble dark horse I always saw as being more empoweringly portrayed than most fictional women monarchs.


Here’s an interesting write up on an upcoming horror TV show that promises to “take back horror from the torture porn enthusiasts.”


You know what’s better than fans doing fan films? Showrunners doing fan films.

Comic Con cosplay! The only really interesting part of any convention. Now that is some attention to detail only a Metal Gear fan can appreciate.


This is the best Firefox add-on ever.

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