Roundup of Unusual Size: Don’t Hate

(fanart by kianess @ deviantArt!)

You know you can find art of basically anything online? I don’t even mean porn. I just wanted to pull up something to show Rowan Kaiser up on a very serious topic (whether bangs and wavy tresses makes a girl look like she’s wearing a headcrab–turns out it does, but that doesn’t diminish her charm) and two seconds of google later I had this, just to prove my point. D’awww, headcrabs. More adorable than you’d think.

(I also seem to owe Christine Love dirty Digital: A Love Story fanart now, but that’s a story for another day.)

Happy 100th Birthday, Marshall McLuhan

Let’s honor the good professor with a couple retrospectives. Here, a tribute from the Nieman Journalism Lab. And here, a reproduction of an interview of his in Playboy (I guess you can read it for the articles).


Joel Goodwin at Electron Dance draws upon the Atari 2600 SCRAM: A Nuclear Power Plant Simulation to write about recent events in Japan.

Joystick Division’s James Hawkins LUVS LISTS! And tonight he brings us his top ten iconic game worlds.

Video found via Dubious Quality’s Friday Links: a DIY full-screen split-screen using a 3D TV.


So, the Supernatural anime. It still exists. And it looks like this.


Charlie Jane Anders and Mandy Curtis get together to excerpt some of their favorite SFF character descriptions.


Yeah! Tesseracts!

Mark Brown at Wired UK looks at the science behind the Uncanny Valley.

Nightmare Fuel

Getting Uzumaki flashbacks here. Again. What is it about Guatemala and sinkholes showing up in the most horrifying places?

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