Roundup of Unusual Size: And why not? My MA doesn’t let me do a thesis anyway.

It has NO REASON to be this warm right now.


It’s Brendan Keogh Day! If you haven’t yet, read Adrian Forest’s response post about inhabiting game spaces and my own likening gaming’s fourth wall to The Dark Tower.

Hear David Silverman talk about the outpouring of support experienced for Jennifer Hale’s FemShep, and how it has changed Mass Effect 3‘s marketing.

It’s not what you might think: Minecraft 3D printer.

Yahtzee waxes nostalgic for Killer 7. And over on Gamers with Jobs, Chris Clemens discusses endings.

I see that look. It says you want some more. Very well then, in no particular order, another pair for you from Brad Galloway and Rowan Kaiser. Galloway discusses his impressions from Seattle Indie Expo 2011 and Kaiser treats us to some Far Cry 2 ruminations.

Lastly, Team Fortress 2 demade as a 2D arcade game.


And just one more to cap off the night, but I promise it’s a feel-good one. In observation of Aliens‘ 25th anniversary, Sigourney Weaver tells us about the action heroine in all of us.

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  • Marijn Lems  On 07.20.11 at 5:25 am

    It’s great to see that the terribly underrated Nier is starting to get more and more respect. Truly one of the most haunting narrative experiences I’ve ever had.

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