Roundup of Unusual Size: Ch-ch-ch-ch-chain World.

Augh god. Where did the weekend go.


Kate Cox rouses some rabble discussing her concerns about the new Tomb Raider reboot.

I don’t know if there’s any witty remark I can make about Chain World that won’t drive Adrian Forest up the wall, so I’ll just leave this here.

Michael Abbott, educator that he is, has some strong words for Metacritic.

And over on Kill Screen (our darling du jour, as Earnest Cavalli would say), Diane Poulsen looks at Final Fantasy‘s baroque roots.

Dilyan at split/screen co-op thinks we’ve been too generous to dear ol’ Braid.

For my gaming friends who can’t keep their eyes off the News Corp scandal, has Rob Beschizza got a classic game rec for you.

Rich Shivener at Joystick Division tips his hat to one of my favorite novels, House of Leaves, and asks whether games can ever be as experimental.

And Tiny Tower seems to invite lengthy essays on ethics, because here’s J.P. Grant with another one for you: Taylor’s Tower.


Beautiful Mucha-esque Art Nouveau renditions of the women of Firefly.


Hey, non-Africans! You’re part Neanderthals! (What? It’s true!)

Also, apparently… we don’t know where all of the Earth’s heat comes from.


Anonymous, feeling lonely, makes its own social network where Google and Jesse Eisenberg can’t play.

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