Roundup of Unusual Size: Schroedinger’s Jason Schreier

(thanks, Denis)

I went to Pasadena today and all I got was this twisted ankle.


It seems a cheat to pull links from an issue of Critical Distance I edited, so I’ll just link you the goodness instead. Happy weekend!


I’ve been vaguely curious about this foreign thriller film, The Stendhal Syndrome, for some time. It seems like a corny premise, but io9 has a pretty nice essay on it which has gone and renewed my interest.


Adam Savage’s Wall Street Journal review of The Practical Pyromaniac is a fun read.


An overlay of Twitter versus Flickr uploads across Hong Kong.

Jason Schreier’s 10 philosophical riddles for the digital age is not quite as dense as trying to follow a bunch of Aussies discussing ludology, but is still worth a look.

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