Roundup of Unusual Size: Snape killed Sean Bean!

As we slide into the weekend, the roundups get shorter, and the nights get lonelier… I’ll be back again tomorrow night before I see you off for the rest of the weekend.

And please for the love of Carl Sagan don’t mention “Carmageddon” at me.


DDR to cure obesity!

We cap off the week at my home base of Moving Pixels with an article from Nick Dinicola on coming into conflict with the writing of Mass Effect 2.

One of my favorite people at one of my favorite blogs, Gunthera at The Border House, has a profile on Aveline Vallen, one of my favorite characters from Dragon Age II.


Here is the latest role for Sean Bean to die in.


Awesome: Afghan women marching for their rights.

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  • gunthera1  On 07.16.11 at 4:27 am

    *blush* Thank you for that!

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