Roundup of Unusual Size: To go one last time to that Platform 9 3/4


In honor of the absolute splurging on Harry Potter articles tonight in relation to the release of the last film, I’ll give this topic its own subheader for tonight. Because there was honestly no way to get around it.

First up, have a fantastic tribute essay to Hermione Granger, the Minority Geek Girl. Next, swing by io9 for a retrospective on how Harry Potter changed publishing.

And here is an excellent use of fan creativity, if I do say. A hacked road sign in Kentucky.


It’s Expert Blog day at Gamasutra, and I have a couple stand-out pieces to direct you towards. The first is an insider perspective on the goings-on at Team Bondi. The latter, further commentary by Genna Habibipour on how efforts to entice women to game development might actually be backfiring.

Matthew Gallant writes in his personal blog The Quixotic Engineer about directing the player’s gaze using Half-Life 2 as his example. And over at Wired Game|Life, Jason Schreier has a profile on gamers with disabilities fighting ableism in the industry.

I really try not to make a habit of posting reviews, but I make an exception for excellent Child of Eden ones–as we all know.

And here we have photographic proof of a professor sneaking Angry Birds questions into a physics exam.


Let’s have a look at Contagion, Steven Soderbergh’s epidemic disaster flick.


Mitu! It’s a song about the Cambrian Explosion!

Real, live, actual video of a comet colliding with the sun? I am THERE.


I Eat Ewoks thinks that what Netflix isn’t saying speaks louder than what it is, regarding its recent rate hikes.

Plagiarism isn’t that bad, kids! As long as you’re improving on the original.


Truly excellent article from Radical Philosophy about Anonymous and Wikileaks.

Moment of Zen

The many deaths of Sean Bean.

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