Roundup of Unusual Size: Randy Fitzgerald can murder you with a smile and Lumi can devastate you with a look.

I’ve noticed a suspicious drop in quantity of posts in my feeds. Which suggests that some of said feeds are broken, not that the blogosphere has inexplicably gone quiet this week. In any case, tonight is a quality night of some excellent writing, video, and good natured cat abuse, so enjoy!


Absolutely fantastic article up on Eurogamer from Tristan Donovan about Randy Fitzgerald, a disabled hardcore gamer and professional asskicker.

My colleague from PopMatters Mike Schiller knocks one well out of the park writing about Child of Eden and the fourth wall.

Kate Cox ruminates on how her practices of not cheating have kept her from finishing a game she enjoys.

And Claire Blackshaw, writing in Gamasutra, opines that even if microtransactions aren’t inherently evil, human greed will make them so.


io9 sits down with Matthew Lewis, portrayer of Neville Longbottom in the eight Harry Potter films (and the real hero of the books).


Another fabulous fan film, this one based on Half-Life 2.


Courtney Stoker writes about her experiences at Apollocon, specifically reacting to prejudice against geekiness in the humanities.


Our genome is an archive of the past. Just don’t get all Greg Bear on me now, DNA.


Hilarious cat video is hilarious! And probably hurts and is rather cruel.

Brad Sherwood offers up a nonsexist reply to a sexist Reddit question. My only objection is The Mary Sue’s assumption that a user by the handle Cptn_Janeway is male.

An Austrian atheist has both convinced authorities Pastafarianism is a real religion and that wearing a noodle strainer for a hat is legitimate religious practice.

This one’s just for fun, but my god, Tilda Swinton is handsome/gorgeous/stunning/all of the above.

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