Roundup of Unusual Size: May contain truffles.

I am pleased to announce that I’ve been upgraded to the level of editor for Critical Distance, thus creating a two-way power struggle with David Carlton if Ben Abraham should ever find himself stranded in England permanently. Not that I have men on the ground to arrange any such thing, of course…

(No, seriously, I’m very excited. Flattered, gleeful, not murderous.)

On with the links, good sirs and ladies!


Two great member blogs from Gamasutra tonight, the first from Douglas Lynn on violence and the other from Mike Langlois on lore and psychotherapy. And a new opinion piece from Cort Stratton asks if we’re making games re-approachable enough.

I for one welcome our Civilization-playing computer overlords.

This has been promoted a lot today but it can always bear repeating: lovely post-mortem on Amnesia: The Dark Descent up at The Escapst.

And via Futurismic, this Ars Technica piece on EVE Online and vanity items is worth a look-see.

Over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Lewie Procter catches up with PlayDead for an interview about 2010 summer indie smash (now on its way to PSN and Steam) Limbo.

Christina Norman came all the way to Los Angeles to visit me! Or… well, to take a new position at Riot Games, but yay, local. Be sure to follow her on Twitter.


The first trailer for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows features less bromance but much more crossdressing.


Your daily moment of d’awwwwesome: Fans across the web unite to restore a girl’s hand-made TARDIS.


Brad Galloway interviews @DeadEndFiction, a horror micro-writer.


Jenn at my old stomping ground of Hathor Legacy has a lovely takedown on a particularly entitled dude’s ignorance.

And in a similar vein of feminism, a teen feminist calls the Westboro Baptist Church with a simple question and amusing results.

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