Roundup of Unusual Size: Please read my ttly original Valve/Red Shirt Guy crossover fic kthnx.

I am going through a strange sort of Dark Tower withdrawal already, having finished Gunslinger and not currently being in possession of audio recordings of the other six volumes. Tomorrow’s shift at work is gonna be grueling as a result of this, I think.

(Help. Someone. With mp3s. Anyone!)

Anywho. Link time.


A compelling new feature up on Edge, about the attractiveness of violence in games.

GamePolitics runs a legal analysis on the Brown v EMA decision from Elizabeth Surette.

Dire Critical regular James Hawkins at Joystick Division has blogged a bit about Gabe Newell’s recent Games for Change keynote. In doing so, he delivers the most favorable comparison to Red Shirt Guy you are apt to ever see.


Seth Gordon reports that King of Kong remake will be a mockumentary. Wait… what?

Also from /Film, the trailer for Cuban zom-com film Juan of the Dead is finally here!

Praise be to the cosmos! The live-action Akira remake is dead.


A Time article on fanfiction that doesn’t strictly paint fans as full of creepy middle-aged women living in their parents’ basements? Awesome.


xkcd‘s Randall Munroe uses Google+ to deliver a long and serious essay on the very same service, namely that it won’t allow you to hide your gender.

The recession’s getting better! For men.

Hey, you there! Writing serial content? Want to keep a recurring character from becoming the scourge of fandom? Here is a top ten list for you from io9. I know how you love top ten lists.

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