Roundup of Unusual Size: From up a poppy hill with John Rook and Commander Shepard.

(Macro by voiceofoblivion @ blogspot.)

You guys, I am reading (well, listening to) Stephen King’s Dark Tower series for the first time and it is beautiful. That is all.


Randy O’Connor opines that free indie games should be held up to the standards of purchased works. And over on GameSetWatch, Andrew Vanden Bossche looks at portrayals of morality in games such as Mass Effect and don’t take it personally, babe and comes to conclusions about their relevancy to players.

On the weightier academic side, Levi Bryant at Larval Subjects looks at gender, the brain, and games.


Goro Miyazaki’s newest feature finally has a trailer.


Tim Barribeau breaks down how air pollution affects our memory. Also, writers of fluffy m/m fic rejoice, as new research reveals that men actually crave cuddling.

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