Roundup of Unusual Size: Jane McGonigal loves bees, the rest of us take our coffee black.

Are Gawker blogs being fussy for anyone else today?


Kate Cox writes about how a love of music led her to dipping a toe in the JRPG pool.

I swear to cosmos this thing cannot arrive fast enough. Even with my furniture pushed out of the way, I only have about a 50% chance of my Kinect telling what is me and what is a bookcase.

Elle has gone and profiled Jane McGonigal. So that’s something.


Behold, the best Final Fantasy VII stop-motion tribute animation you will ever see.


Michael Abbott, the Brainy Gamer, takes a look at Sleep No More, a stage production which combines theater and interactive media.


The Border House has a serious article up on sexual harassment at San Diego Comic Con from a professional and attendee.

LGBT history will now be taught in California schools. Oddly enough, I remember Stonewall being covered in the last portion of my American history class as a teen, but as usual I seem to be the outlier in cases like this.

Dad wallops sexist birthday party dress code, dresses his daughter up as Wonder Woman at the same time.

Mm… no, I don’t think I want a wedding cake like this either.

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