Roundup of Unusual Size: An interview with a famous Tormenter and another tribute to Eden.

Someone needs to invent a longer day so I can get more done.


Emily Short, writing for Gamasutra, delivers an incisive critique of Christine Love’s don’t take it personally, babe, it just ain’t your story. Also from Gamasutra, and quite apropos for those readers joining me in the Planescape: Torment Play-Along, here’s an interview with Mr. Chris Avellone.

A call to arms for the games industry to step it up following Monday’s SCOTUS decision. This is a perspective I quite appreciate. Of course, I enjoy Michael Abbott’s more circumspect approach as well.

A nice lulzy video that’s as true as true can be: Duke Nukem Forever is offensive to women! Also bringing the funny tonight, Rock Paper Shotgun announces it’s gone free-to-read!

Really great long (long) article on perspective and Portal 2.

Matthew Weise at Outside Your Heaven has an audio interview up with Ken Levine that’s worth a listen.

And over at The Border House, Tami Baribeau tackles the idea that the games you play can make you a bad feminist.

That annoying, pretentious Dead Island trailer has won an award at Cannes. Guess it’s time to eat my hat.

Lastly, another utterly fantastic Child of Eden article, this one a commentary from Jane Pinckard of UC Santa Cruz.


Oh man.

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