Roundup of Unusual Size: My childhood love affair with a maligned CGI movie is finally vindicated.

…Hello! Happy Monday. How are the kids?


Let’s get the required news out of the way first. The US Supreme Court sided with the game industry. Game industry crows this validates games as free speech. I’m still scratching my head on why this industry makes use of its protected free speech the way it has, but more on that tomorrow.

Over on Critical Damage, Brendan Keogh has a lovely ramble/compare-and-contrast on Child of Eden and Rez.

And now for a few fantastic Mass Effect pieces on race and gender that seem to naturally go together. First is this critique of the asari from Retconning My Brain. Next, a pair of pieces from Two Whole Cakes’ Lesley Kinzel, on queerness and whiteness/maleness respectively.

Mass Effect was inspired by Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. So I’m not the only person in the world who loves that movie, okay? So there.

Let’s chase that with a truly excellent and thoughtful piece from Jason Hawkins on the poetic nature of PlayDead’s Limbo. Elsewhere, Leigh Alexander opines on how to design good female characters for games. And at You Have Lost, we have a critique of Portal and accessibility.

Digging through some bookmarks, I unearthed a few links I meant to share from several days ago but which slipped through the cracks. Let’s rectify that! First, this fun visual comparison of generic white male protagonists from IGN. Next, a post from Glamgeekgirl provocatively titled “…that all game characters are created equal…” And Mitu Khandaker partakes of Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s Gaming Made Me series with her reflections on Everquest.

Finally, to cap off tonight’s gaming section, Quintin Smith’s Journey of Saga series promises a gaming Citizen Kane. Enjoy yourself.


The fans are rockin’ it tonight, let me tell you. First up, an article from GameSetWatch on Operation Rainfall, a fan-driven effort to prod Nintendo to localize some long-anticipated JRPGs. Next, czech this amazing Katamari Damacy mod for Minecraft. Also from The Escapist today, we have word of a listing Firefly MMO getting a boost of fan-power.

Lastly, Doctor Whooves is getting his own Doctor Who animation mashups now. Yes. Just yes.


Dear cosmos, look at her hair! The first trailer for Pixar’s Brave has finally been released. Do we really have to wait another year for this?


Hey! I’m not socially inept after all! I’m just more evolved than you!

Poor mayflies… :(


True friendship is stealing your friend’s bicycle over and over again.

GQ knows you have a burning question and the only cure is more cowbell: what exactly is middlebrow?

Should math be taught in schools? Teach the controversy!

For My Bronies

Guess who’s a closet Brony this week. Go on, guess.

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  • Aankhen  On 06.28.11 at 9:42 am

    I loved The Spirits Within too! Sadly, rewatching it last year made me very aware of the problems it had. Still deserving of much love, don’t get me wrong.

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