Roundup of Unusual Size: Hey there Gabe Newell, what’s it like in New York City…

Congratulations to New York are in order! Have some Kirk vs Kirk to mark the occasion.


Brandon Sheffield is a busy little bee. Besides reigniting the spark beneath Insert Credit, he’s also got a new feature with Yu Suzuki up on Gamasutra.

And you thought you’d heard the last of the #ApocalyPS3. Not only is PSN still down in Japan, but a new lawsuit contends that Sony laid off a significant contingent of their net security staff just before the hack.

Lastly from Gamasutra tonight, a new opinion piece from Mike Diskett on game A.I..

On the heels of great fan musical tributes like “Hey There Keanu”, some denizens of 4chan’s /v/ board have composed this song for Valve dev Gabe Newell.

The best part of videogame blogging is when a real discussion gets going. After Extra Credits vlogged about the role of the player in modern games, they were engaged by Thomas Grip, lead designer for Amnesia: The Dark Descent, culminating in this fantastic conversation. Go have a read!

Emerging from outside our normal sphere of gaming blogs, feminist geek culture blog The Mary Sue has a fantastic long-form essay on Chell and representations of gender in videogames.

Speaking of Portal, you’ve heard that Portal 2 is getting dev tools for schools? It won’t be long before a whole generation of school children will love and loathe Portal 2 with the same deep-seated nostalgia as our generation look back on Oregon Trail. Funny thought, isn’t it?


This is some surreal muscle-bound princess animation right here.


Your DNA has cheat codes. Finally, a way for Gameshark to stay in business.

Cory Doctorow over on Boing Boing delivers with the link roundup to a three-part history on ELIZA, the first chatbot.


io9 Always answers the hard-hitting questions. Like what AU fanfic of your favorite sci-fi scientists doing tech support would sound like.

More Singularity debate? Seriously? Dear Sagan in cosmos! It’s a hypothetical technological projection! Why is there this much kerfuffle?

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