Roundup of Unusual Size: Harmony, harmony, oh love!

Try to guess which link below makes me happiest tonight. Go on, guess.


In for a bit of hairsplitting? I know I am. And it seems Lewis Pulsipher is as well, using his expert blog at Gamasutra to attempt to define gamer and game-player.

Great news out of Valve today: Team Fortress 2 has gone free-to-play.

Found by way of The Mary Sue: videogame character design flowchart!

io9 has courteously excerpted the bits of an interview with William Gibson where he credits cyberspace to videogames.

And over on The Escapist, the Extra Credits team’s latest vlog tackles game reviews.

Lastly, this is my spine melting with happiness: possible 3D for Child of Eden. All my dreams are coming true.


Pixar’s upcoming Brave is looking more curious all the time. The Mary Sue has the newly released character art of its four leads.


One of my favorite features on the AV Club is their series of primers for the beginning film enthusiast. As someone tasked with her sister’s comprehensive film education this summer (she claims it’s the only way to get laid in Los Angeles), I am definitely bookmarking their latest on Robert Altman for future reference.


Jezebel gently reminds us that if god does exist, it’s not likely he cares about your child’s beauty pageant.

Leave it to Charlie Stross to start an internet argument about the Singularity. I’ll just leave this here.

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