Roundup of Unusual Size: Kotaku is classy as the night is long.

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Happy Summer Solstice! Bust out the candles and sacrifice some livestock, it’s time for tonight’s link roundup.


We begin as we often do at the mother of all gaming sites, Gamasutra. Tonight, Christopher Totten treats us to a new feature on tapping into human survival instincts to design game levels.

This has been bandied about before on GamePolitics and among various other pundits in the past but it bears another mention: there is a correlation between rise in gaming and a decrease in crime. I’d question whether that immediately creates a causal link, but it’s a nice talking point the next time your mom tells you you’re going to grow up to be an angry killer.

Man, I wish I was in the UK right now. There’s an entire Child of Eden STORE there.

Lastly, a bit of industrial revolution-scented bootstrap success story to lead off with for the night: a prosumer who was hired for his dream job at MediaMolecule.


Russel T. Davies goes out on a limb to assure fans that Captain Jack Harkness likes the ladies too.


So apparently our eyes are capable of sensing magnetic fields. We just can’t.


Here is a thing I’m sure many of my fellow games journalists out there would have an interest in: how to do a vanity search when you have a common name.


Oh, Brian Ashcraft. Stay classy.

Miss USA hopefuls at their finest! Let’s ask them if they think evolution should be taught in schools.

And, because I want to give everyone nightmares tonight so I, by comparison, will sleep remarkably well:

I For One Welcome Our Synthetic Pop Star Overlords

…Better start running, y’all. Soon she’ll link up with Skynet.

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