Roundup of Unusual Size: Mirror stages and glitterbombs.

Sherlock fanart by viaestelar @ deviantArt. Not related to tonight's roundup at all, but I mean, magic sci-fi Sherlock Holmes.

I am famished. I don’t know about you, but not having any news on Sunday always makes me overindulge on Monday evenings. Let’s get right to it.


The father of Dungeons & Dragons is getting his own memorial, so now there’s at least one reason to visit Wisconsin.

This is kind of sweet, even though I’m sure we’re all quickly getting Duke Nukem fatigue. Someone turned in their 10 year old preorder, and got it honored. With honors.

Here’s a neat long-form article via Gawker network’s better half on sex in interactive media.

Another long-form critical piece, but a very different take on sex– namely, representation of gender. K. Cox of Your Critic is in Another Castle has the first part of a series up on Laura Mulvey, the male gaze, and videogames.

Rounding off tonight’s selection of denser articles, you know that anything that combines Kinect and Lacan is going to be good.

And now your dessert, deliciously schadenfreude-flavored tonight. First, GameSetWatch presents a video clip roll of the worst of E3. Second, remember that guy who tweeted in a hissyfit about Duke Nukem Forever‘s negative reviews? Color me shocked that he was fired.


There’s nothing like a hilarious and vitriolic author-on-author throwdown. Through the ages, even!


Flashcard-like memory retention, sayeth Jezebel? Sure, okay.

Something for the New York locals, via Alasdair Williams: the new Picturing Science exhibit at the NYC Natural History Museum.


Your late-breaking Twitterage story of the night: Twitter likes Fairfax better than you.

And as long as we’re shattering your happy illusions tonight, your car door clunk is a lie.

But cheer up, everyone, it’s not all frakked. Glitterbombing, for instance, is always hilarious. Juvenile, but hilarious.

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