Roundup of Unusual Size: Your Homosexual Lover is a red herring but I forgive you.

(art source needed!)

It seems I just got back, and now it’s already Saturday! I’ll be back Monday evening with some more tasty treats, never fear.


If you’re concerned about the recent LulzSec leaks of Sega, Bioware, Blizzard and other companies’ data silos, Gizmodo has a tool to check whether your information is among the chaff.

And as luck would have it, our friend Ben Abraham at Critical Distance has posted this week’s This Week in Video Game Blogging just in time for tonight’s roundup, so I’ll get right to it with my highlights.

Coming from the side of our partners at Nightmare Mode, Lizz Quinlan has some comments on Valve and inclusivity. And over on Project COE, Charles Sharam looks at representations of Native Americans in games. As you might expect, a lot of it is unpleasant. (I finally saw a real, live copy of Custer’s Revenge on display at E3, so there goes my vague hope that it was actually just a self-perpetuating myth.) Lastly, Eric Lockaby writing for The Last Metaphor has this brilliant piece of New Yorker-worthy rumination on unknown indie devs and games as artifacts on the path of becoming.


A striking piece from Richard Dawkins showed up on Boing Boing today on sex selection in the developing world and the role of Western technology in enabling it.

And to cap off our week: scientists are currently burning the midnight oil to hack your circadian clock.

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