Roundup of Unusual Size: The Doctor Hears a Who

I just realized I haven’t used a My Little Pony header in far too long. Let’s fix that. Enjoy some Doctor Whoof!

Ahh… much better. Onto tonight’s links.


Gamasutra’s Eric Caoilli reports that the majority of Americans happily sign up for their own exploitation. Nothing new, but the word this time around is (of course) gamification. Elsewhere on Gama, Keith Burgun schools us on understanding balance. Finally from the green-hued “Variety of videogame trade communities”, Gamasutra blog member Robert Walker talks about turn-based combat and (in a reversal of conventional wisdom) Finlay Thewlis impresses upon devs to pitch worlds, not mechanics.

Via Joystiq, ESA has released its 2011 brief on gamer demographics, including higher percentages of older and women gamers. Watch this fail to sway the core developers into being any less ageist or sexist, but hey, we’ve got the data.

Sony is going to be selling the NGP/Playstation Vita at a loss. Are you surprised?

Shigeru Miyamoto and Satoru Iwata address the Wii’s instrumentality in creating a core-casual schism in the current console cycle. Eurogamer has some pull quotes.


As a Doctor Who newbie (a Whoobie? –don’t hit me) I appreciate the depth and breadth of this beginner’s guide put together by The Mary Sue, which I would consider the first port of call for anyone eager to learn how to stop worrying and love the camp.


Writing for Risky Business, Patrick Gray tells us why we secretly love LulzSec.

Lastly, this is the closest you’re getting to E3 news outta me today: Anonymous has reverted to RL raids on Sony’s E3 booth. Well, at least, one Anon has.

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