Roundup of Unusual Size: Leaving angry voicemails for the Alamo Drafthouse and other things you shouldn’t do.

(Photo by markt022002 @ Flickr. Get it? Huh? Get it?)

Wow, the signal-to-noise ratio in news articles sure goes up during con time, huh.


Jamey Stevenson over on Gamasutra has a new feature on the saboteurs, smugglers and stowaways of game easter eggs past.

Bill Harris of Dubious Quality has a short but thoroughly entertaining rant on why the Wii U is complete freakin’ nonsense.

And all right, just a wee bit more E3 news, but only because this footage looks spectacular: From Dust is the god game reboot you’ve been privately salivating for.

If videogames can make you more violent, new research suggests some games can make you kinder and gentler. (In other news, duh. Also, why wasn’t Flower the “calming” game?)


Quiet Earth has the scoop and trailer for Shane Acker (9)’s new short Plus Minus.


I promise I won’t be publishing any further (okay, much) Human Centipede 2 news in these roundups, but this was just hilarious. Following the British ratings board’s decision to refuse classification to (translation: ban) the film, director Tom Six shot back angrily not just about the rejection but the fact that their review spoils the movie.


There goes Alasdair, talking science to me again. This time, he brings news that ginormous Moon-sized moons aren’t as rare as we thought.

And a fun bilingual music video by way of Bad Astronomy, The Heart of Science.


The Alamo Drafthouse (a notable theater in Austin, Texas) has turned an irate voicemail from an unhappy customer into their new anti-texting PSA.

Wh– Ew! Ewwww! I don’t care if it’s sanitary, who would eat that?!

And to round off the night with something inspirational, here is a soulful speech from the Personal Democracy Forum about one man’s shaken belief in god being restored by collective action.

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