Roundup of Unusual Size: A spoonful of antimatter helps the medicine go down.

Doctor Who/Portal fanart by radiohamlet

Seriously, Sony, who names a console “Vita”? Kicking it a little oldschool, aren’t we?


Meanwhile, Lulzsec has obtained the SCE dev code. But hey, no worries, new console day, right?!

Hal Halpin, writing in his blog over at IGN, speculates we may see a decision on Schwarzenegger v. EMA as early as this Thursday.

That’s all for gaming news and speculation. Now we turn over to my Monday picks from yesterday’s This Week in Videogame Blogging:

First off, the inimitable Kirk Hamilton knocks this review of L.A. Noire out of the park. Seriously, Kill Screen should be the only place you read game reviews these days.

Joel Jordon kicks off his Game Manifesto blog with a look at relationships in Portal 2.

Adam Ruch at flickering colours asks a few big questions about Bioware, characters and canon.

GamerDork’s Chris Green wonders if we are trading one set of damaging cliches for another with the new “fragile” Lara Croft.

Lastly, my colleague from PopMatters, Mike Schiller, writes in his own blog dwelling on the meaning of “home” in Dragon Age II.

That’s all for tonight’s gaming section. Yes, you will notice I am not reporting on any of today’s pre-E3 news. This is a trend you can expect to continue throughout the week, largely because you all already know where to get your E3 coverage. So here I am, squeeing about certain Mass Effect 3 characters quietly in my corner instead. Go on, now, read about the other stuff.


Cartoon Brew has the scoop that Stephane Berla and Luc Besson are teaming up for a feature-length animated film adaptation of The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart. If you need a reason why this is incredibly awesome, check out the viral trailer Berla did for it a few years ago.


io9 has an exclusive interview with J.J. Abrams regarding Super 8. I dunno about you guys, but I’ve been waiting for this thing a long long time.


Oh, Alasdair Williams. You have the name of a prince but the soul of a scientist… Hm? What’s that? Oh! Yes, well. It seems the miracle of life is even more miraculous than previously understood. Namely, our ball of dirt should’ve frozen to death billions of years ago and it’s a mystery why it didn’t.

Via Phil Plait: the cosmos never looks so beautiful as when it’s dying.

But even so, today’s epic moment of science badass goes to the folks at CERN, who have managed to capture antimatter–you know, that stuff that collides with matter and causes mutual annihilation–for over 16 minutes.


And you thought they were so cuddly. Sexually frustrated dolphins are murdering innocent porpoises.

But let’s not end on a sour note. By way of io9, Atlas Obscura has a nicely comprehensive guide to first contact with alien life.

Last but certainly not least: sure, there’s a magical library in Manhattan. But does it have an orangutan Librarian?

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