Roundup of Unusual Size: I am transfarring this to you FROM THE PAST.

We cap off the week with a nice, sedate, trim little roundup of links just to leave you hungry enough for tomorrow’s Critical Distance and Sunday Papers. The ROUS will be back on Monday with my highlights from each, so in the meantime, toodlealoo!


Is this real life? No, I’m serious, is transfarring a real thing?

You’ll never guess who’s stopping by the Back to the Future series. Well, actually, you probably can.


We seem to be on a roll with turning things into anime that have no (or perfect) business being anime. Now it’s Blade‘s turn.


Who loves a good movie montage? Jezebel! And here they’ve gone and recced for you a montage of one of our favorite cliched lines.


io9 answers that burning question of why our bodies twitch when we fall asleep. Next I want them to explain yawn tears. They’re embarrassing! (And I just yawned thinking about it!)

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