Roundup of Unusual Size: The ABCDs of the Day – Anime, Bayonetta, Cupcakes and Death

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My blooood! The doctors took all my blooood!


At last, a perspective on Bayonetta I wholeheartedly agree with, from Go Make Me a Sandwich: Bayonetta is hands-down my least favorite character in any type of gaming ever. It only gets better from there.

Over on the Newsgames blog, Simon Ferrari reports on You Shall Know the Truth, a hidden object game in which the player assumes the role of a U.S. spy sent to retrieve leaked documents from a WikiLeaks employee. Provocative in and of itself, one should think, but Ferrari provides additional commentary as well.

And over on Joystick Division Gus Mastrapa touches death in L.A. Noire. Warning: graphic images.


Here’s a fun one: a commercial music video animated almost entirely in LittleBigPlanet 2.


Ahh, a fan-made Doctor Who anime? Yes please.


They’re SQL injectin’ through your windows, stealing your data up, tryin’ to hack ’em so ya need to hide yo kids, hide yo wife–an’ hide yo husband they hackin’ errybody out here.

A counter-terrorism strategy that Valve would approve of: MI6 hackers replace Al-Qaeda bomb formulas with cupcake recipes.

Finally, science cannot de-cuteify this cat video.

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