Roundup of Unusual Size: Ian Bogost is a pretty cool guy, eh clicks cows and doesn’t afraid of anything.

(Art source needed!)


No, not really.


Edge Magazine wonders if Ian Bogost’s Cow Clicker hasn’t backfired spectacularly on its creator. Also from Edge, Graham McAllister’s new column kicks off with a little bit about his work, as a professional game watcher.

Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford puts his brofingers in his broears and goes lalalalalala.

The good propsmakers at Technically Magic have constructed a completely accurate Atlas (Portal 2, not BioShock, natch). This is pretty much what the dev commentary was talking about when they talked about the co-op robots being designed from a perspective of functionality.


Penny Arcade’s “The New Kid” short has been optioned for a film adaptation? I’d’ve preferred Rain-Slick Precipice, but eh.


We’ve speculated for a while that quantum entanglement don’t give a frak about conventional physics, but here is Vlatko Vedral with its potential implications with thermodynamics, entropy and computing.

Also, io9 reports that geneticists have discovered that, indeed, too many beneficial mutations can spoil the soup.


What gender performity? Glass Hammer’s Melissa Anderson reports on a new study which reveals that gender stereotypes do indeed impact standardized test scores.

The folks at Extra Credits take a break from their weekly vlogging on game matters to address Anonymous and the ApocalyPS3.

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