Roundup of Unusual Size: A movie tie-in ARG that helps science, and a few belabored Biblical metaphors

Source: Flash game "Run Jesus Run"

A lot of news today, but not much of it was attention-grabbing. Instead, tonight we focus more on some thoughtful opinion pieces and, also, pause and reflect how Anonymous went from van-detonating Church of Scientology protestors to global terrorists. The world gets a bit more like Ghost in the Shell every day, I swear.


Richard Clark, editor in chief of Christ and Pop Culture, submits for your perusal an opinion piece on Gamasutra about the monetization of Jason Rohrer’s Chain World.

Tadhg Kelly at What Games Are takes busywork as game design to task. Spoiler: he’s not in favor.

Sega is doing what Sony Don’t: in response to the PSN hacks, Sega is investing in a few white hats to beef up their security.

And Darius Kazemi (who has one of my favorite names for a games blogger) at Tiny Subversions weighs in on the current Kotaku-Warner Bros embargo kerfuffle with “the enthusiast press is not special.”

Lastly, I can safely say this Michael Abbott piece is going to wind up on this coming Sunday’s Critical Distance: Notes on becoming.


Not about the Green Lantern movie itself, but about its game tie-in getting players to do “real, useful astronomy research.” I am fully in support of this idea.


So, now that hacking is an act of war, we can finally get our act together on China ri– Oh. Or not.

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  • Holly  On 06.02.11 at 4:32 am

    Your boingboing link is broken.

    • Kris Ligman  On 06.02.11 at 8:47 am

      Ack. I kept on checking the last link in confusion thinking you meant that instead of the Green Lantern one. Thanks for the heads up, is fixed now.

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