Roundup of Unusual Size: Fan Remakes, Fan Covers, Fan Cosplay. Fans Rule.

(art credit needed!)

An excellent assortment tonight, my friends. Let’s get right to it.


First off the high shelf: a little slice of the games studies life as told by Dan Golding, and an experience I can painfully, painfully relate to. As can half the game studies folk I follow on Twitter, apparently.

Also on the games studies front, but more broadly academia in general, Georgia Tech’s Ian Bogost (who shall leave no cow unclicked) addresses all those dreadfully unreadable academic texts and what to do about it.

Moving over to Gamasutra’s member blogs, Bruce Adams writes on the virtues of limitations. And over on the news section of the site, here’s an overview of GDC Vault’s latest offerings.

Dire Critical friend Joel Goodwin at Electron Dance sent this our way: a great interview with Brian Moriarty. Frankly, all Joel had to tell me was the name.


This electric guitar cover of Portal 2‘s ending theme is just amazing. Be sure to grab the mp3 at the link below the vid!

On a similar Valve note, check this out: it’s a fan-remake of the original Half-Life and it looks incredible.

And dear cosmos, somehow this Minecraft creeper plushie is even more frightening than the real thing.

Finally, one for all you Doctor Who fans out there: a little genderswap cosplay.


Happy Walt Whitman’s 192nd birthday! Have a poem.


Courtesy of io9’s Alasdair Williams, take a gander at this galaxy whose center supermassive blackhole shoots plasma jets bigger than the galaxy itself.

Continuing on yesterday’s Sam Harris article on free will versus determinism, here’s a unique counterpoint which showed up in my feeds today by way of Lifehacker: believing in free will gives you free will.

Via Bad Astronomy’s Phil Plait and courtesy of NASA, this amazing photograph of Space Shuttle Endeavour‘s last spacedock.


Um, so, now that it’s official that hacking can be an act of war, and China has already hacked Google, does this mean Google and China are at war?

And on that note, it seem Sony is embroiled in an endless war themselves. At this point I just feel sorry for them.


I would like to draw your attention to this headline for a minute. This one I pulled from Eurogamer, but similar ones cropped up almost immediately on The Escapist and elsewhere.

“News: Catherine has ‘topless female demons'”

>topless female demons


And people wonder what’s wrong with mainstream games journalism.

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