Roundup of Unusual Size: Just GRIN and bear it.

I’m watching Hellboy for the first time. Among other things, because it’s an eight hour shift at work and if I don’t refocus my eyes frequently I’ll be halfway blind this time tomorrow.

Short list tonight, as we saunter into the weekend. ROUSes return Monday with more news than you can shake a joystick at.

(See! I made a gaming pun! Whoohoo.)


I’m sorry. I know this is my medium of choice and I should be happy about the kind of mainstream attention it occasionally gets, but this is tacky and sad.

If you believe bankrupted game studio GRIN, Square Enix is both low-tech and doesn’t recognize its own screenshots.


Oh cosmos. Do I want to look? It’s the trailer for David Fincher’s American Girl With a Dragon Tattoo adaptation.


Jezebel’s Lane Moore takes a look at some of the shows on television she sees as indicative of manxiety.

I really don’t know if Deadpool’s the comic book hero you want to go around emulating. Sooner or later someone’s going to test the whole regeneration thing. Also, what is fourthwalling the real world like? Frightening idea.

This week’s be-glad-you-aren’t: be glad you aren’t in a Utah “school for troubled teens”.

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  • Thene  On 05.29.11 at 6:56 am

    -firstly, this
    -secondly, one of my lj friends was once sent to a ‘behaviour modification facility’ and wrote about the experience here.

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