Roundup of Unusual Size: This calls for Sad Luna in Space.

…Poor Luna. :(

Tonight we have a neat selection of deep reading, design fundamentals and sciiiiiience. Read on.


Lucas Blair continues his feature on effective achievement design over on Gamasutra.

Futurismic’s Jonathan McCalmont has a deep analysis up on Christine Love’s don’t take it personally, babe, it just ain’t your story.

You got your academia in my games again: GAMBIT has linked the event lecture videos from Videogames 101, held earlier this month at the MIT Museum.

This hurts me so deep.

Your new astronomy-themed PC game pick via Kotaku’s Stephen Totillo: Universe Sandbox.


So many ruined pieces of fanart. WHY.

Taken as a sort of counterpoint to the Stanford prison experiment, here’s a new research paper on the psychology of heroism.

I just can’t get enough of the story of these conjoined twins who actually share brain tissue… and apparently one another’s thoughts.

The Large Hadron Collider doesn’t seem to be making with the god particles yet, but they have created matter so dense, the only thing denser would be a black hole.

Here’s a new one for first-world parents to use to scare their MMO-addicted offspring: If you think games are so fun to play, how would you like it if I sold you to a Chinese prison gold farm?!


Pst– torrenting? Cory Doctorow recommends OneSwarm for all your privacy needs.

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