Roundup of Unusual Size: Dancing Mythbusters, sciencing Mitu Khandaker and ruminating Maggie Greene

Holy crap that’s a lot of links. Also, why have I been using “more” tags on these? This isn’t Livejournal! There’s no cutting in roundups!

…I am strongly resisting using another Cuttershy macro, I really am. Anyhow, read on. There is a hefty selection of gaming, science AND film articles tonight. Plus one that really got my bleating mountainous quadruped.

O Academia

Maggie Greene (formerly of Kotaku’s Weekend Reader and by and large the reason I got into games criticism) has a post up in which she discusses the cancellation of the Fullbright-Hays competition and what its ramifications are.


Simon Carless talks about the future of games and China. And Your Critic’s latest Beyond the Girl Gamer installment, The System of the Worlds, is now live.

Kotaku’s Brian Crecente actually has an interesting in-depth piece about themes of domestic violence in BioShock Infinite.

Okay, maybe Joystick Division friends Topless Robot can corner the Top 10 niche too. Here are their Top 10 best videogame musical numbers.

In my perfect world, Gus Mastrapa, N’Gai Croal, Clint Hocking and my former games criticism professor William Huber ( are on a panel together, forever. Maybe with short bathroom breaks. Anyway, here is Croal writing for Edge on the dangerous conservativism of mainstream gaming.

I read about this earlier in the week via Journalfen and thought it must have been old news. Guess not! How about a casual game that dictates what you get to do based on gender stereotypes?

A few highlights from yesterday’s Sunday Papers: Radiator Blog talks about the Indie FPS (or lack thereof), Alexander James Moore reflects on the hardness of game-making, and Martin Lugton writes a bit about obedience in the BioShock series.

Lastly, I knew even before I moused over the link that this one came from fellow Carl Sagan and astronomy aficionada Mitu Khandaker, in which she asks: Are Games Astronomy?


Takashi Miike directing a Phoenix Wright film? This will either be the Best Thing Ever or incredibly painful. (Please be awesome please be awesome please be awesome.)

Well, that’s fantastic. The 3D film fad is even ruining your 2D films.

An official French spinoff of The Matrix? I am surprisingly okay with this.


Interested in making a living as a writer? Here’s yet another how-to book. But at least this one sounds a little interesting.


Allies in unlikely quarters: here’s a Minnesota GOP legislator speaking in support of gay marriage.

On Saturday I linked a post about a Canadian couple raising their child without gender restrictions. Jezebel has a response on how this might backfire on them. Honestly I’ve never thought of “OTHER people will be judgmental” as a good excuse to not do something, but meh.

What Am I Looking At

Mary Sue’s Susana Polo put it best: Throw Carl Sagan or a velociraptor into this somehow and the internet might explode. That sounds like a challenge if you ask me.


Speaking of musical Tesla coils.

Also via The Mary Sue, I could listen to this dude talk science all day.

Smithsonian’s Laura Helmuth debunks some top ten myths about the brain.

Imagine having your brain completely reset in your 20s. This woman’s story is pretty incredible.

You’ve no doubt read a bit about this in the past, but Discovery’s Nic Halverson has a news piece up on DNA-based computing.

And from io9’s Alasdair Williams, science proves small words are sexy.



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