Roundup of Unusual Size: Quoth Phil Plait, “teach a man to reason and he’ll think for a lifetime.”

Fanart by risachantag at deviantArt



Over on Gamasutra, Dennis Scimeca has a feature up with child psychiatrist Paul Ballas on the substance behind Schwarzenegger v. EMA.

Eurogamer’s Rob Fahey declares that the current console generation’s “war” is pretty much over, and looks to the eighth generation on the horizon.

Significant Bits’ Radek Koncewicz contrasts the much-criticized L.A. Noire interrogation system to dialogue branching in several other high-profile games.

My personal selections from Ben Abraham’s latest Critical Distance (barring the ones I’ve already linked on this blog):
-The GameSaver: The Philosophical Basis of Exploration Cues in Game Design
-Kill Screen: The Game Design of Everyday Things: Buttons
-Rock, Paper, Shotgun: Disposable Worlds and Imagining Brink 2
-Gamers with Jobs: Taking the Shot
-The Tip of the Sphere: Definition: Role


Jezebel’s Lane Moore laments the lack of “offbeat” female actresses in Hollywood.


Via Cory Doctorow over at Boing Boing: It’s the circle of spaaaaaam! And it moves us allllll!

Also through Boing Boing, neat article on Parent Central about a couple raising their child without gender constraints.

If you’re dying of a fatal condition, don’t check into the hospital over the weekend.

Rapture Ready

Not thoroughly sick of the Rapture That Wasn’t yet? io9 has a great roundup of Rapture-related articles. Mmm… schadenfreude.

If I am grateful for the Rapture for one thing (besides sheer entertainment value) it is that I am always interested in how a pre-Internet practices get remixed with our current net culture. Courtesy of Wheatley Vice (the #1 source of Wheatley on the web), here is a reblog of some fantastic meme responses. Lul.

Still with me? Gizmodo asked its readers to #rapturebomb today’s prophecy and send in their photo highlights. Here are the results.

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