Roundup of Unusual Size: My classmate Derek made a vidya game, and the universe is scientastic.

Scan from Junji Ito's "Hellstar Remina"

Soooo tired.

Surprisingly large list tonight! A great number of science and game articles with a couple film articles thrown in for taste. Must remember to download The Tunnel this weekend.


We start off tonight with an opinion piece from ROUS regular Joel Goodwin of Electron Dance, whose rant contains a provocative proposal.

Hm, that looks local. I wonder if there are any signs like this nearby?

A fine fellow in my cohort by the name of Derek Heck is on the dev team for this game: Paradox Shift. Derek showed me (and our games criticism professor at the time, William Huber) a live demo and it is quite quirky and fun. Less a Rock-Paper-Scissors kind of RTS and more of a Zombie-Vampire-Ninja-Pirate-Succubus-Timelord RTS. It makes sense in action.

Oh. So you can play Portal 2‘s co-op with one person.

Soooo yeah, about keeping your PSN account safe?


Hey, you know that crowdfunded indie film I blogged about a while back, The Tunnel? It’s free to download! Of course, you can send the filmmakers a donation if you like.

I’m not much of a summer movie person. I’m even less of a person for movies about middle-class domestic dramas and stuff like weddings. Still, Jumping the Broom has to be one of the few films in theaters right now I’m actually curious about. A pity The Early Show thought it was too black, or something.


Oh io9, always with the surreal science reporting. I don’t believe this one. I saw that episode of Mythbusters with the thermite and dry ice and it didn’t seem stable at all. :B

Ready for more io9 mad science? Robert Gonzalez has the skinny on soft robots.

Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy reports that there may be twice as many wandering, sunless planets as there are captured ones. Also, some of these could still sustain life! io9 has a whole roundup on the subject worth your perusal as well.

This may closer fall under bricolage, but I don’t care. Fathom has a compilation of the best MacGuyver inventions titled MacRecipes.

You just uttered four of my favorite words. Richard Dawkins’s new science book for kids, illustrated by Dave McKean.

GamePolitics seems to veer off subject so often it’s surprising, but here’s an interesting piece about using games to crack the “language code”.

Recced via Boing Boing, Oscillatory Thoughts’ Bradley Voytek, a neuscientist, asserts we all have superpowers, we just don’t notice them.

Skynet Watch

Great. The robots are inventing their own languages now.


Apparently, chimpanzees are hunting their fellow monkeys to death.

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