Roundup of Unusual Size: Mercenaries and maintenance.

Apropos of nothing, do you know that Carl Sagan's 'Cosmos' is streaming on Netflix? Go watch it! Now!

Hrm, so much for Google Reader curing my weekend woes. I guess there’s no avoiding it: ROUSes will be switching to a five days a week cycle, so this will be my last Saturday linklist for the forseeable. Posts that go up over the weekend will instead be folded into Monday’s roundup. Thanks for understanding!

I should also note that, like Critical Distance, I do accept submissions! You can tweet them to me, email, leave them in a comment, try to transmit the URLs telepathically… well, I wish you luck with that last one, but I’m open-minded. :P


Courtesy of io9, have some great Mucha-inspired Art Nouveau portraits of scifi heroines. My favorites are Codex and Chell.


On the ApocalyPS3 front, Eurogamer has the outline for Sony’s PSN restoration plan.

Srs Bzns

Say it with me now: war… has changed.

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