Roundup of Unusual Size: ‘Brink’, Bathyspheres and Baby’s First TSA Patdown

…I’m kidding. There are no bathyspheres in this post.


Boom Culture’s Max Lieberman has written a great thematic/historical breakdown of Red Dead Redemption.

Over at Gamers with Jobs, Sean Sands feels that we take too much pleasure in skewering games.

More on Brink, Stephen Totilo (aka one of the few redeeming things about Kotaku) has some heavy analysis on how the game’s narrative pulls its punches.

Find your seats, class. This week’s Extra Credits drills you on the difference between graphics and aesthetics.

More on aesthetics, by which he means avoiding ludonarrative dissonance among other discordant collisions of design, Zach Alexander writes a few fond things about Planescape: Torment.

Don’t Know Whether to Laugh or Call PETA

Well… okay, it’s in Russia so I doubt PETA has much say in the matter.

Don’t Scan Me Bro

Yup. The TSA have performed a patdown on a baby.


Remember when Anonymous did cool things? Like the RL raids on Scientology? The revenge hits for Wikileaks? The HB Gary hack? This PSN stuff is not it.

Anyway, a couple cool essays on the subject, one from The Guardian and the other via Futurismic.

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  • Thene  On 05.13.11 at 2:59 pm

    I wrote a little bit about Anonymous and anonymity back in 2008 – I’m still kinda surprised by how far what I think of as common knowledge diverges from what is reported in the press. It is like reading reportage about the top of the iceberg, I guess.

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