Roundup of Unusual Size: And then Dan Cook was the Roger Ebert of games criticism.

Man, I am on a roll. Cleaned the whole apartment, acquired baking pans, emptied email inbox… Having energy again is awesome.

Tonight’s assortment of essays, interviews and science articles reflect the totally geeky awesomeness that is this day. Read on.


The second part of Lucas Blair’s feature on effective achievement design is now live on Gamasutra.

The storm Dan Cook wrought keeps boiling. Here is Leigh Alexander’s reply.

The ESRB has rolled out a modified ratings system. For all the iffiness, the good news is that it costs 1/9 of the previous filing fee.

More Mass Effect goodness from Go Make Me a Sandwich’s wundergeek: awesome things that aren’t FemShep.


Know Your Meme, famously described by my colleague as “a more palatable, informative version of Encyclopedia Dramatica,” has a brand spanking new infographic up explaining just why the internet has fallen head over hooves for My Little Pony.

Augmented Reality

Neat interview with Vernor Vinge, UCSD professor and author of the delightful spec fic novel Rainbows End.


io9 is awesome, not just for being the one redeeming thing about the Gawker network (okay, Lifehacker is cool too) but because they get your sci-fi senses tingling. Hot off the presses: Your spine acts as a journal of all your body’s past pain.

Huh? Homo sapiens is evolving!

A report with the BBC claims that even though adults usually can’t remember events from before the age of 3 or 4, the same doesn’t apply to kids. Some children in the study recounted events (verified by their parents) from as early as 18 months of age.

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