Roundup of Unusual Size: I’m baaaaaack!


So, I’m back. After putting in a full 40+ hour work week and capping things off with an all-nighter to finish my last term paper, I went to bed after turning my paper in yesterday and have only woken up between then and now to edit, tweet, and go back to sleep. Thank you, I am quite well rested now.

Tonight’s list is… er, something. Long, at least. Enjoy! I missed you guys!


Over on Gamasutra, Rob Jagnow has the whole story of the Portal 2 ARG.

Lost Garden’s Dan Cook has a blunt critique of game criticism which is everything that it says on the tin. Bracing, but valuable. And to that I would also link Ben Abraham’s counterpoint, Ascii Dreams’ rebuttal and Michael Abbott’s rumination of the whole thing.

Over on my home stomping ground of PopMatters, the Moving Pixels podcast crew (and I) talk about Portal 2.

Let’s say goodbye to the Final Fantasy VII Letters, as Leigh Alexander and Kirk Hamilton cap their series off with Part 10.

Quoth Gus Mastrapa: stop writing crazy things on walls, game devs.

Go Make Me a Sandwich has a twoparter on things Bioware didn’t get right in Mass Effect. I disagree or would call out counter-examples on some of it (there are human strippers, for example) but I think her overriding points are very valid.

Abe Stein of GAMBIT has a formal response to Brian Moriarty’s defense of Roger Ebert.

Want an hour-long lecture from Portal 2 writer Erik Wolpaw? Of course you do!

And lastly, for Portal 2 junkies: the official toolset for custom levels has arrived. Yeaaaah!


The Advocate reports that for Prisoner of Azkaban‘s director and actor David Thewlis, Professor Remus Lupin was totally gay. Thewlis says he’s had to since reimagine his approach to the character after finding out about the Tonks thing.


The second part of Henry Jenkins’ interview with Amber Day about journalism and The Daily Show is awaiting your attention.


On the fictitious disease front, say hello to Morgellons: mystery illness or memetic hysteria?

So everything’s okay in Japan now, right? Right? No one’s talking about it anymore, so it must be.

I feel ashamed to have only just recently discovered the joy of listening to talks from famous atheists and skeptics on Youtube, so I’m rather late to the party in hearing that Christopher Hitchens has lost his voice. Here, via Roger Ebert, he writes about the experience.

We’ll soon be speaking dolphin. Wait till they tell us about the time they fought aliens.

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  • solivagant  On 05.10.11 at 10:18 pm

    I’m very sorry that Hitchens has lost his voice. A powerful and methodical man he is, has a fantastic way with words.

    • Kris Ligman  On 05.10.11 at 10:26 pm

      I just bought his book God is Not Great, along with a slew of other atheist/skeptical nonfiction I plan to devour over the summer. It always saddens me that I find out about these great minds too little too late.

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