Roundup of Unusual Size: Now you’re thinking with slot machines.

GLaDOS and Chell by makani @ deviantArt

Oh man, I still feel like that time in the sun earlier today baked me alive. This is why I’m not meant to be exposed to direct sunlight.

Also, I ended up late tonight because I was finishing the Portal 2 co-op with my dear blogmate Nick Dinicola. A worthwhile endeavor if I do say.


The latest off the bitter, hateful desk of Ian Bogost: exploitionware. (Against, obviously.)

Two tonight come from outside submission: Electron Dance’s Joel Goodwin has some cynical, but interesting, introspections on games which do more harm than good and over on Gamers with Jobs, Rob Zacny asks to what use shall you put this achievement?


My dear professor Henry Jenkins brings us an interview on political satire in television with Amber Day.


Odd indeed. How do human hearts become synchronized?

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  • Harbour Master  On 05.03.11 at 11:24 pm

    It’s taken a year, but finally I’ve written something that’s cynical. I knew I was being too goody-goody all this time. Go team.

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