Roundup of Unusual Size: More edible turrets and horrifying jam.

Well, this was interesting. I switched from my usual Livejournal friends page to Google Reader over the weekend and augmented my existing blogroll by another 70 feeds or so. This should dramatically affect the scope of roundups in the future. And also mean Firefox will freak out and crash more frequently.


You know you wanted instructions on how to make Portal themed hardboiled eggs and egg cups. Thankfully, via Cory Doctorow, your wish has been granted.


Over on Play the Past, Mark Sample has a piece up on ARGs as history games.

I finally got around to reading Eric Swain’s stellar review of Jane McGonigal’s Reality is Broken over on The Game Critique.

Max Lieberman ironically has his own post up about his love for Let’s Plays!

On his personal blog, Brad Galloway ruminates that taking fatalities out of the new Mortal Kombat‘s story mode actually made their inclusion elsewhere seem excessive and out of place.

Go Make Me A Sandwich (best blog name ever) has a lovely post praising female Commander Shepard as a female character done right. (I couldn’t agree more.)

A little bit of speed-running for you all: now you’re not thinking with portals.

Mondays are podcasts days on PopMatters Moving Pixels, and this Monday I join my blogging cohort G. Christopher Williams, Nick Dinicola, Tom Cross and Rick Dakan for a heated discussion on (wait for it) Dragon Age II.


Quentin Tarantino’s new film is announced to be Django Unchained, presumably a take on the spaghetti western Django and (one desperately, desperately hopes) Takashi Miike’s awesome Sukiyaki Western Django. Not a direct sequel, however. Sadly.

Is this real? Is this really real? The Mary Sue has posted what is apparently an axed William Shatner cameo from J.J. Abrahms’s Star Trek reboot, and it makes all the other Kirk/Spock subtext subtle by comparison.


You know how many SETIs you could fund with a single bank executive’s bonus? Someone seriously needs to show the government Starman again for the reminder that SETI are like the FBI action heroes of science.

Nightmare Fuel

Well, this is going to keep me up at night.

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