Roundup of Unusual Size: Damn ninjas, get off my roof.

At the rate at which article density seems to drop off on the weekends, I’m going to end up taking Saturdays off as well. Feh. If only Maggie Greene was still doing Kotaku’s Weekend Reader. (P.S. Follow her on Twitter.)

Onward for your links! Mostly of the zany and “wait, what?” variety tonight.


You know who makes the best dev diaries? Suda51 and Shinji Mikami, that’s who.


A documentary about people scared of the Screen Gems logo? Sure, okay.


Space tourism seems like the only space gig going lately. And if NASA can’t get the funding to send people back to the moon, at least a private company is considering sight-seeing tours around it.


With the second Mythbusters episode on ninjas on my TV, and with reports coming in earlier this week about ninja epidemics in other US cities, it seems some of them are still struggling to find employment.

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