Roundup of Unusual Size: Fans make everything better.

I am having a tough time coping with the idea I won’t have classes again for another four months. Fortunately, my summer’s shaping up to be quite busy already. Apart from one more term paper to turn in next week, I’ll be assisting the research on a senior colleague’s book this summer and doubling down on my hours at my day job. This will basically be the daily routine from now till my trip up to Seattle in August for PAX.

That all said, sleep is currently at the top of the list of things I am overdue for. I pulled an energy drink-fueled all-nighter to finish what turned out to be a very successfully received interactive scholarship piece, but with this now taken care of, the only thing on my agenda is hibernating until at least July. Enjoy tonight’s links!


Jane McGonigal might not be able to fix your broken reality but fans can fix your broken continuity.


For this vision of a retro Inception videogame alone, you should click this link.

Gus Mastrapa’s heart is in the right place comparing old games to old movies, although I could get nitpicky with his terminology.

I know just what would make me more comfortable about this whole PSN hack: if the Department of Homeland Security got involved.


Charlie Jane Anders reports that Oscar Wilde’s uncensored Picture of Dorian Gray has been published for the first time.


Nuts on fairy tale royal weddings. The real business is with geeky SFF themed weddings.

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