Roundup of Unusual Size: Brathwaite, Barack and Bessel beams

A day like this requires Cuttershy.

Never fails. The night I need extra time to dig into a term project, the blagosphere explodes. Explodes full of depression.

Even WordPress is making me sad right now. The little “Are you new here?” button seems all passive-aggressive and questioning. May one or more of these links provide a decent distraction for you all tonight.


On Gamasutra, Brenda Brathwaite’s posted the full text of her 2011 GDC talk and Christopher Aaby writes something that sounds suspiciously like narratology. The comments on the latter are also worth checking out.

More from Gama’, we have George Hotz disclaiming responsibility for the theft of 2.2 million PSN account user and credit card details. Well, that makes me feel better! Honestly I’d be most pleased if Sony had taken Hotz’s advice and buffed up their security instead of the blatant asscovering they tried to do. Right now, this macro is coming to mind.

Gregory Weir’s latest Interactive Palette column at GameSetWatch is on Balloon Diaspora. So pretty.

Is it time for the second part of Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s Portal 2 interview with Valve? You betcha. And my blogmate Jorge Albor has his latest piece up on PopMatters about Chell and Rat Man. Ahh, I need to read that comic so badly.

Hey! GamePolitics reports that Australia may finally be getting an R18+ rating… but losing the equivalent of its T rating? This is not the shape of progress, guys, take a note from Steven Spielberg.


More real-life superheroes taking to the streets! In this one, Jezebel’s Sadie Stein reports on an NYC group defending city sex workers.

Srs Bzns

I thought I would never find it in me to revive this category, but for the life of me, I can’t get this week’s political!fail out of my head. This impassioned vlog made me cry because holy hell he’s right and I have never felt so sick.

Nightmare Fuel

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like if H.P. Lovecraft taught sex ed? Of course you have.


Over on io9, Alasdair Williams reports on one-way soundproofing, and according Annalee Newitz, humanity is on the cusp of a new round of speciation. I smell a new Greg Bear novel.

I don’t really get it, but it sounds awesome.

Oh, and Williams also blogs that we might soon be able to erase our traumatic memories. This is… good?

Moment of Zen

Whew… Today’s been one hell of a rollercoaster. Rather, the whole week/month/year thus far has been, and I’m looking particularly at certain social/political extremists when I say that. Anyway, between racist demagogues debasing my country, Japan still irradiated, Libya still wartorn and fundamentalist Christians reverting back to “fuck the future, Rapture’s coming in one month!” mode, let’s just take a long moment to breeeeathe… and listen to some Carl Sagan, courtesy of Phil Plait at Bad Astronomy.

Oh Wait

Yeah, SETI has to close because not enough people believe it’s worth funding. Nevermind, the world really is a shitshow.

And you can get leprosy from an armadillo.

So, yeah. Umm… ponies?

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  • AF  On 06.26.11 at 5:54 am

    ‘The little “Are you new here?” button seems all passive-aggressive and questioning.’

    That’s about the best description of depression I’ve heard, lol.

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