Roundup of Unusual Size: type like a movie hacker, rant like a gamer

At the rate this jQuery assignment is getting done, I don’t think I’ll be getting much sleep the next couple of days.


Writing for Gamasutra, Leigh Alexander posits that ARGs are the root of all evil, or something along those lines. And outside the opinion section, Gamasutra has a new feature up on designing achievements.

Gearbox don’t know the first thing about making “grown-up” games. But this doesn’t stop GameSetWatch from interviewing them.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has the first part up for their exciting, spoiler-riddled Portal 2 interview with two of the lead writers.

On the subject of thinking with portals, my colleague G. Christopher Williams over at PopMatters has his own post up about the politics of stupidity in the game.


Awwwww yeah.


I love a good film-Elizabethan theater mashup. Here is a Shakespearean remix of Terminator 2: Terminator the Second.


Via io9: sw33t, 3y3 f33l l13k 4 l33t h4xx0rz n40!

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