Roundup of Unusual Size: My mother says to get a job, but she don’t like the one she’s got.

Ah, the innocence of my pre-adolescence.

As a Green Day fan of the old guard, I’ve felt pretty much secure in listening to their new stuff without feeling like a shamefully overgrown tween. American Idiot is a fantastic, polished album. It’s no Dookie, but it’s full of the grime and muck of suburban dystopia that I’ve always loved out of them. 21st Century Breakdown, well… they gotta put their kids through college somehow, I guess.

However, something happened today. My music player shuffled over to one particularly bad track of 21st Century Breakdown, the one where Billie Joe is crooning the word “love” every other word, and something snapped inside my brain. I could not stand it. This was not in any sense of the word listenable.

“Oh my god, no,” I thought. “This goes against the laws of nature. Just go back to singing about masturbation again.”

I was about to stab my eardrums in protest so to preserve my own health, I put on their old stuff and felt marginally better. They actually used to do punk, you know, before they decided 50s soft rock ballads were apparently more their schtick, and now I don’t really know what to make of them. Do tweens really go for this stuff?

Anyway, rant over. Your links are going to get cold.


So the big story today is that Sony is a big bag of scumbags who scum, or something, and you should be changing your PSN passwords and calling your bank and getting a credit report right now.

It’s Gamasutra Member Blog Daaaay! Yaaaay!

We start off with Ryan Miller, and the first part of his own take on the dreaded “g” word: Reality is Brokering. And Guy Hasson has some storytelling tips.

Ah, a Golden Axe fan-prequel. This and Streets of Rage were my childhood games. And… Columns. And that Sewer Rat game. And that Jurassic Park point-and-click… Stop making fun of me.

Jonathan Blow has updated his Witness news blog.

John Walker, writing in Eurogamer, has a great retrospective on Dreamfall.

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) has a few things to say to Sony about the #ApocalyPS3.

Kirk Hamilton, writing in his own blog, has a post about <i>Portal 2 and dominoes.


Atlas Obscura has a near list of the longest running scientific experiments.

Apparently Pittsburgh has a ninja problem.

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