Roundup of Unusual Size: graceful suicide and Love Plus

I’ve dispensed with the last of my stylistic holdovers from the former Livejournal edition of these roundups and removed subheaders. There is still a rough hierarchy which will be familiar to anyone who used to follow the DLR but it just made sense to go full prose. Articles are still organized by category, however.

I’m getting increasingly disappointed with the size of these roundups so hopefully this weekend or the next will allow me the time to properly steal Ben Abraham’s list create a broader and more comprehensive blogroll to work off of. Or I could just, you know… sleep.

Hit the jump as usual for some tasty links. Some great Gamasutra pieces tonight!


Gamasutra first, as usual. Peter Garcin has a new opinion piece on designing meaning in games. And Brandon Sheffield has an interview with the designers of Scribblenauts. Finally, some delicious meta-analysis from the news section which finds that studies claiming a link between games and violence are more likely to be published.

Man. Just when I think Kotaku’s posted something interesting, I discover it’s a repost from GameSetWatch. Here’s a piece on Turf Geography Club, a sort of Monopoly ARG using Foursquare. Finally a use of Foursquare I approve of.

You know what I love about following Joystick Division? You can identify Gus Mastrapa’s articles just by the headline: “What do Portal 2, Watchmen and Citizen Kane Have in Common?”

Michael Abbott at The Brainy Gamer has posted the video of Chris Dahlen (editor in chief of Kill Screen) at his talk at Wabash College. He also links the slides from the presentation, since they aren’t fully visible from the Youtube video. If only my collegic appearances were this elegant.

Soul Brother looks like Tamagotchi plus Mario as a suicide sim. Tell me I’m not alone.

Speaking of suicide (er, please don’t let me use that segue again), a friend sent me this link: amidst a rising rate of suicide in Japan, NHPR praises the anti-suicide messages found in dating sim Love Plus.


Oh boy. Jezebel has an article up on the evolution of April O’Neil from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, particularly her toy biographies. 99 pounds? Hnnngh.


If there’s one thing I love more than io9 in general, it’s io9 scaring me with physics-bending hypotheticals about the early universe.

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