Roundup of Unusual Size: Cuddle Fuddle

For the creepy easter eggs alone, Portal 2 is a worthwhile play. Not sure if 8 hours is substantial enough for a full-price game, though. We’ll see what can be gotten out of the co-op.

Read on for your links, as usual. I need to get back to completing tests while ignoring my exams.



So you’ve all heard by now that Portal 2 has a Super 8 interactive trailer buried inside it. Because that doesn’t date it at all. Nevertheless, if you want to see it without all the effort, here it is.



Oh, Ian Bogost.

On the other hand, Joseph Cassano has a quite lovely piece on characterization in Mass Effect, so that is worth a look as well.

William Huber;

My games criticism professor has some musings on gamification.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun;

John Walker is tired of these motherfucking misconceptions on his motherfucking Portal 2. So he debunks them.

A Very Important Date


Congratulations, mankind. You have two days till Judgment Day.

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