Roundup of Unusual Size: I’m sorry, there isn’t enough sex in this fantasy series for me to watch it.

Man, what the hell are these little flies that keep crawling around on my floor? Do they come in through the window? What is their deal?

Saturday’s been blessedly quiet, link-wise. Good thing, too, since I’m managing the little angels at my work’s forums till midnight.


PopMatters Moving Pixels;

My blogmate Jorge Albor wrote a well-received piece this past Thursday on Brenda Brathwaite’s 2011 GDC talk: “Wherever there is human-on-human tragedy, there is also a system.”

Brainy Gamer;

Another pulled shamelessly from my own Critical Distance post, Michael Abbott’s got an absolutely fantastic post on the role of the abstract in modern indie games.

Speaking of Critical Distance;

Hey, hey, I wrote a thing.


Cartoon Brew;

You know who can make the story of the Crucifixion badass? Studio 4ºC can.



Ah, the old “fantasy is for undersexed teenage boys” canard. Salon takes Slate and the New York Times to task for their condescending reviews of Game of Thrones.

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