Roundup of Unusual Size: Maybe the password should just have been “winter mute” then.

omigod u guise Half Life 2 is so ridiculously fun, even when the AI is killing me.



Double-feature from UC Santa Cruz’s Future of Play conference today, one from Emily Short and the other from Graeme Devine.

Jason VandenBerghe’s got a few reflections on Brian Moriarty’s GDC talk he wishes to share, concluding that even if games aren’t art, the performance of them may be.

And Lars Doucet talks about my favorite, most hated game genre, the RPG— and why it keeps sucking.


Great scott! Jason Scott is back with another installment of “Tales From the GDC Vault”.

Joystick Division;

See if you can guess the author of this article from the headline alone: The Wii was the Most Successful Video Game Failure Ever.



Charlie Jane Anders suggests Atlas Shrugged would have been better with more Nicholas Cage.



Via William Gibson, a little something about password security. The short of it? “This is fun” is tougher to crack than “J4fS!2”.

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